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Who We Are and What We Do

Shadow Shopper Pty Ltd started in 2004, determined to become the best, most technologically advanced mystery shopping company. We designed and developed all our own systems for Australian businesses, rather than using the inflexible and limited mystery shopping software developed overseas.

This flexibility enabled us to expand into providing services for all sorts of businesses, not simply retail clients. Shadow Shopper has shopped all kinds of businesses for all kinds of companies. Read about us at

Shadow QC

In 2005 we launched Shadow QC, a 'cloud computing' system which enables retailers, businesses and franchisors to run their internal quality compliance systems. Shadow QC was developed using our internal shadow shopper systems as the prototype. Read all about it at

Shadow Surveys

In 2006, with the development of Shadow Surveys, we became Shadow Organisation Pty Ltd. Find out about us at

Shadow Audits

In 2010 Shadow expanded into doing audits using our extensive network of Certified Shoppers. Shadow Auditors are not incognito, and go into businesses to check compliance with standards. Read about us at

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Do you have great customer service? Find out with Shadow Shopper: Mystery Shopping and OnSite Audits.


GPTS Website for Shadow Shoppers

Right from the start we understood that the needs of our shoppers could not be met by having one website for clients and shoppers. was developed specifically for shadow shoppers. It is a website where they could be trained and certified, see their assignments and enter their reports as well as keep up to date with what is happening. Since 2004 we have trained and certified over 60,000 shadow shoppers.

Shadow Affiliate Program

In 2011, the Shadow Affiliate Program was launched. We realised that some shadow shoppers wanted more than shopping assignments, the Shadow Affiliate program was developed.

It enabled Certified Shoppers to set up their own Shadow Shopper business, with Shadow providing the back end services. This freed them from the day-to-day running and all the costs associated with setting up a business from scratch.

Get Paid To Click

In 2009 we started Get Paid To Click, which collects the best online Australian surveys in the one place, with real user reviews. Check it out at

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Shadow Organisation: Mystery Shopping and Audits.