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Shadow Shopper Affiliate Program

If you love the whole idea of shadow shopping and are interested in making more money, then you could be ideally suited for an exciting challenge with the Shadow Affiliate Program.

Shadow shopping is a fun way to make money, but it is unlikely to make you rich. It's for people who want some fun, casual work that they can do while getting on with their lives. As a Shadow Affiliate you have a lot more opportunity to earn real money.

What is the Affiliate Program?

Shadow Shopper Affiliates set up and run their own Shadow Shopper businesses, but without the hassle and expense of a start-up. Affiliates work from home and use the Shadow Shopper systems, staff and shoppers instead of renting premises, hiring staff and buying IT systems.

How Does It Work?

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As a Shadow Shopper Affiliate you become a 'branch' of Shadow Shopper, with your own clients that you manage. Shadow Shopper provides all the 'backend' services. Click on the headings below for more information.

  • Use Our Website

    You don't need to set up your own website. You use the Shadow Shopper website. It is page rank 4 on Google which means that it is rated well by search engines and on the first page of a Google search.

    The website is fully managed, with SEO checks every month to make sure that the rank is maintained, and is hosted securely on our servers at Global Switch Data Centre in Sydney.

  • Use Our Systems

    You don't need to spend money buying software and systems. Use our leading-edge systems, developed just for Shadow Shopper.

    We don't use 'off the shelf' packages like other mystery shopping agencies. The Shadow systems are developed in-house and specifically for Australian businesses. And we look after them for you, and are continually developing them.

  • Use Our Shadow Shoppers

    You don't need to get your own shoppers. You have access to our nationwide network of shoppers, and we handle all that side for you.

    We select shadow shoppers for assignments, manage them, pay them and handle the receipts and reimbursements, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business. All you have to do is set up the locations you want shadow shopped, when, how often and what type of shopper (male / female, age range, children / etc). Shadow does the rest.

  • Use Our Questionnaires

    You don't need to develop your own questionnaires. You can choose from our extensive library of standard questionnaires that have been developed for many different types of businesses and organisations. There are hundreds, and all developed by experienced staff with knowledge of questionnaire design.

    Have an unusual customer? Then just contact us and we will develop a questionnaire especially for them.

  • Use Our Reporting System

    As a Shadow Affiliate you get to use our leading edge reporting system, and can use our demonstration system if you want to show prospective clients what it can do. The dynamic reporting system has extensive graphing capabilities and trend analysis, with easy 'point and click' navigation.

    All clients can get logins to the system so that they have access to their reports within 1 business day of the visit.

  • Use Our Quality Assurance Team

    You don't need to read and correct reports - Shadow does all that for you. All reports go through our rigorous Quality Assurance process where they are checked for quality and standards before they are released to the client.

    Shadow makes sure that all reports are of a great standard so that you know your clients will be getting great information.

How Much Does The Affiliate Program Cost?

It costs $197 for one year's membership. There are no additional or ongoing costs. This covers everything you need to set up your own Shadow Shopper business.



You risk nothing by signing up as a Shadow Affiliate. We know you will be delighted with the program, but in the unlikely event that you are not you will get a prompt, hassle-free refund. Just email within 30 days and we will give a full refund.

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What Happens when I Join as an Affiliate?

When you join as an Affiliate you have immediate access to the Affiliate Area of the Shadow Shopper website.

This has everything you need to know about starting your business (click on the headings below for more information):

  • Quick Start Guide

    When you login to the Affiliate Area for the first time choose FIRST TIME AFFILIATE? Click Here To Get Started. This will take you through how the whole process works and how to get going.

  • Online Training Videos

    The Online Training Videos show you how to do everything you need to know. Work through them at your own pace, and access them anytime you need a refresher on how to do something.

  • Shadow Affiliate Resources

    Not sure how everything works? It is all explained here. Find out :

    • How Shadow Shopper Works

    • How To Get Clients

    Everything you need to know about identifying and managing clients is explained here.

  • Affiliate Starter Packs

    We'll send you a Started Pack with stationery, drop cards and business cards so that you present a professional front when talking to clients.

  • Director Hotline

    As an Affiliate you get priority access to a Director. If you have any queries, or want to talk through how you do something then you can get right through. You can email directly or phone and be sure of an answer right away.

  • Prestigous Addresses

    Prestigous addresses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBDs

  • 1300 Number

    Professionally answered 1300 number during business hours.

  • Shadow Affiliate Forum

    Connect with your fellow Affiliates. Chat, swap tips and stories about what worked and what didn't. Don't work alone : be a team player! The Affiliate Forum is only available to registered Affiliates.

Click Here To Check Out Our Affiliate FAQs

We're Committed To Your Success

When you become a Shadow Shopper Affiliate you have the full resources and experience of Shadow Shopper behind you. We are committed to your success.

Build On Our Experience

Your new business has

  • An experienced management team

  • Leading-edge systems

  • State of the art computers

  • Hundreds of questionnaires

  • Thousands of certified shoppers

What a great way to start out!