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How Does Get Paid to Shop Work?

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How Does Shadow Shopping Help Business?

Businesses and organisations use shadow shoppers because it's the only way they can find out how their customers are really treated, and what customers really think.

Customers don't go back to a business where they were not treated well. They won't buy merchandise that is more expensive than other places, or not as good a quality. And if they don't think they are getting good value and service, they simply go elsewhere. And they usually tell others about it when they do.

Today, they often do it on the Internet, where they can tell millions of others! Social media and review websites have been a real game-changer. Test Msg Here

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Customers Rarely Complain

You will have been somewhere - a shop, a cafe, a restaurant - where you have had terrible service. You probably wondered if the owner or manager knew about it, and what they would do if they did know.

But did you complain?

Probably not. Most people don't. The chances are that you simply voted with your feet. You made up your mind never to go back. But you probably told your friends about it and warned them off!

Getting New Customers is Expensive

Today, retailers are finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain customers. With the Internet it's easy to find somewhere else to shop. Research shows that it costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Retailers need customers to return or they won't be in business for long. That's where Shadow Shopper comes in.

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You Can't Fix What You Don't Know

If retailers don't know they have a problem they can't fix it. The quality and price of their merchandise is important, but it's not the only thing.

Their people, the sales and management staff, are what makes the difference.

Shadow Shoppers find out how customers
are treated when no one is watching.

Businesses want to know exactly what service their customers are receiving, and how they are being treated. They find out what the customers think about their service, their products and their premises.

Once they know they can do something about it. They can take steps to reward employees if their service is great or to improve if it is not 'up to scratch'. Or they can fix a problem with their product, or their premises.

Shadow Shopper reports: see your business through your customers' eyes.

Seven Easy Steps to become a Shadow Shopper


Click Apply at the top of any screen.


Read the Contractor Agreement. It sets out the conditions under which you will get assignments from Shadow Shopper.


Put in your name and contact details. You can now login and access the Certification Course.


Do the Certification Course at your own pace. You can start and stop whenever it suits you.


Do the Certification Test. You will be notified of your results as soon as you have finished.


Fill out your Shopper Profile. This enables us to match you with assignments in your area.


Now you are a Certified Shadow Shopper and eligible for assignments!

You can access the Secure Shopper Centre to review and accept jobs, communicate with GPTS , put in your reports. and access shopper resources.

Now all you have to do is wait for assignments to arrive in your email inbox (we also SMS so that you don't miss any) and have fun shopping!

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