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Some scams have recently been brought to our attention, with the scammers using our business name to pose as a legitimate company. Here are some tips about how to recognize a scam.

Warning Signals

  • Unsolicited emails or faxes

  • Receiving cheques through the mail

  • Offers of guaranteed jobs and income

  • Newspaper adverts for Mystery shopping Jobs

  • Offers of (paid) 'qualifications'

  • Mystery Shopping company 'Directories' that you have to pay for.

Often when you check these 'offers' you will notice spelling and grammar errors. This is because they frequently do not originate in Australia, but Nigeria.

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The 'Nigerian' Cheque Scam

This one is currently operating in Australia (September 2012). You may receive a letter with a large cheque, usually for $1,000 or $2,000.

The letter says that you have been selected as a mystery shopper, and your first assignment is to cash the cheque and transfer the proceeds to a given account. You then are to fill in a report on how easy it was to transfer the money.

Do Not Do This!

Usually the cheque is fake and will bounce. But you won't find out for three days, by which time you have sent your own money. With no way of getting it back you could be out of pocket for several thousand dollars.

If the Cheque Doesn't Bounce You May Have
Been Involved In Money Laundering!

Which is, of course, illegal! The money may come from an illegal source and has to be 'laundered' through a series of legitimate bank accounts (yours!) to hide the original source.

So what should you do? Bin he letter and the cheque! Do not take part in any of these schemes. They are NEVER legitimate.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

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Guaranteed Income Scams

Here is one of the email scams that was passed to us today:
We got your details from your Ad on gumtree, we have a vacancy position for a Secret Shopper in our company and we would like to know if you are interested in working for Shadow Organisation Pty Ltd as a Secret Shopper(Mystery shopper).
You work and shop together for pleasure and the pay is between $50 - $200 weekly on Part time basis,you only work 2-3 hours twice a week.
If you are interested,Please get back with the Information below and we'll tell you more. FULL NAME AGE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP CODE CELL PHONE NUMBER
Kind Regards
Evaluation Manager/Assignment Coordinator
Shadow Organisation Pty Ltd 2004 - 2014
All Rights Reserved. Shadow Shopper Australia

If you have received an email like this, offering guaranteed employment especially saying how much you will earn, delete it immediately. Do NOT click on any of the links in it, and do NOT reply to it. It's not for real!

Some of the give-aways:

  • Australians don't have zip codes, and do not usually refer to mobiles as 'cell phones'.

  • Spelling mistake - INTORDUCTION' ??

  • Inclusion of footer from webpage - who puts a copyright notice on an email?

  • Bad English 'you work and shop together for pleasure', plus inappropriate capitalisation

For more details on scams and myths about mystery shopping go to Mystery Shopper Secrets

Do you have great customer service? Find out with Shadow Shopper: Mystery shopping and Onsite Audits

Seven Easy Steps to become a Shadow Shopper


Click Apply at the top of any screen.


Read the Contractor Agreement. It sets out the conditions under which you will get assignments from Shadow Shopper.


Put in your name and contact details. You can now login and access the Certification Course.


Do the Certification Course at your own pace. You can start and stop whenever it suits you.


Do the Certification Test. You will be notified of your results as soon as you have finished.


Fill out your Shopper Profile. This enables us to match you with assignments in your area.


Now you are a Certified Shadow Shopper and eligible for assignments!

You can access the Secure Shopper Centre to review and accept jobs, communicate with GPTS , put in your reports. and access shopper resources.

Now all you have to do is wait for asignments to arrive in your email inbox (we also SMS so that you don't miss any) and have fun shopping!

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