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Get Paid To Shop Certification Course

Module 1

Introduction To Shadow Shopping

A few years ago, shadow shopping (also known as mystery shopping or secret shopping) was practically unknown in Australia although common in the US and Britain. Recently, this has changed and there has been a dramatic rise in shadow shopping in Australia.

There are many new mystery shopping companies, and tens of thousands of people have applied to be mystery shoppers, some successfully, some not so successfully. Some mystery shoppers get lots of assignments, others get few or none at all. This course will show you how to be one of the successful shadow shoppers.

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What Makes a Good Shadow Shopper?

What makes the difference between a good shadow shopper and one who doesn't get jobs is how reliable they are and how good their reports are.

The Shadow Shopper Certification Course will help you to understand what is required, and how to become a good mystery shopper.

As with any job, there are people who are good at it, and there are people who do not quite make the grade. Successful shadow shoppers:

  • Are easy to deal with

  • Do their assignments on schedule

  • Follow the Job Instructions

  • Complete their reports on time

  • Write well observed and clear reports

The less successful shoppers either don't get their first assignment, or don't get their second!

Not getting the first assignment is probably related to what they said on their application. Getting a first assignment but not getting a second assignment is almost certainly related to how they performed on the first assignment.

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The 'Do Not Use' List

Mystery shopping companies don't always give you feedback on what you did right and what you didn't. Some do, many don't. Shadow Shopper gives personalised feedback on every assignment so that you know how you are going and what you can do to improve.

If, on your first assignment, you didn't do a good job (your report was late, or full of spelling errors, or you did it on the wrong day) they are likely to just put you on the 'Do Not Use' list. Your report will be 'accepted' and they may pay you, but what has to happen is that they must redo the assignment (at their expense) and use the new report.

It is unlikely that they will tell you (no-one likes giving or receiving bad news) so you are left wondering why you didn't get any more assignments. Phoning or emailing demanding explanations is unlikely to increase your chances, and will probably cement your place on the "Do Not Use' list.

That's why its really important that your application increases your chances of the first assignment, and your performance on the first assignment is so good that it leads to more assignments.

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Other Topics In This Module

There's a lot more when you get inside. This module also covers:

  • The GPTS 'Valued Shopper Program'

  • Working as an independent contractor

  • Working for other mystery shopping companies

  • The Mystery Shopping Company Directory

  • What's involved In Shadow Shopper Certification

  • How assignments are allocated to shoppers

  • How you get assignments