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Get Paid To Shop Certification Course

Module 10

Shadow Shopper Job Instructions

With each assignment you will have Job Instructions that tell you where and when the shop is to be performed, what you have to do and the questions you will have to answer. These must be followed to ensure that you collect the right information for the client.

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Scenarios and Backstories

Assignments will include a scenario or script that has to be followed. It will tell you what to do, what to buy and how to interact with the staff. It may tell you what objections you have to raise, or what questions you have to ask.

This is to ensure consistency between stores and situations. It improves the reliability of the information by reducing the number of variables and ensures that the client gets the information they are looking for.

There may also be a 'backstory' which you do not reveal to the person who is serving you unless they ask. This is to ensure that staff engage with the customers and ask questions to determine their needs.

For example you may do an assignment where you say you are looking for health insurance, and your backstory may be that your children have grown up and left home so you want a reduced cover. You will not volunteer this information, but wait to see if the staff member asks you about your circumstances.

Questions or Problems

It is important that you read the instructions before you do the shop, and make sure that you understand what is involved. If there is anything you are not clear about the correct thing to do is to raise a problem or a question in the Shopper Centre and it will be answered promptly.

It is NOT acceptable to contact the store or business you are to shop under ANY circumstances.

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Types of Questions

Each assignment will come with a questionnaire that you have to complete. It will probably have several different formats of questions.

Some will be be True / False or require you to choose one out of a list of options. Some may be 'checkbox' questions where you tick all that apply. Some may be 'score out of 10' or similar. Others will be short answer questions, where you are required to write in sentences.

Some questions you will know before you do the shop, others may be 'hidden' and you may not see until after you have completed the factual part of the report.