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Module 11

Shadow Shopper Reports

Your Shadow Shopper report is where you enter all the information you have collected during your assignment. It's make or break time! A great report means that you will get preferential treatment when jobs in your area are being assigned. A poor report - well, that means that we have to fix it up or redo it if it is really not good. Which means that you are not at the front of the queue when jobs are being assigned. Here is where you can find out how to do a great report!

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Before the Shop : Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Print off the 'empty' report and study it carefully. This will give you the scenario (and backstory if there is one) and the list of factual (objective) questions you have to answer so that you know what you will be looking for.

Date and Time

Take particular note of the date the assignment has to be completed by, and if there are particular days and times when the shop has to take place. (For example: 'complete by May 13th' or 'must be done between 12 - 2 on a weekday)

Scenario and Backstory

Then consider the scenario. Think through how you will do the shop, what you will do when you enter, what you will do next and so on. Do a 'walkthrough' in your mind. If there are any questions that you have to ask. (For instance, a question about the nutritional value of the food you are ordering, or the care instructions for an item of clothing). Perhaps you have to make some objections and see how they are handled. Figure out now what you are going to say. Don't wait for the inspiration of the moment! You may be left speechless, wondering what to say, and drawing attention to yourself. Not what you want!

Check All The Questions

Review all the questions, and the answers from which you are to choose. Note the short answer questions. If you are required to note down, for example, the exact greeting you received or exactly what they replied to your question then make a mental note that you have to listen for it and remember it.

Purchases and Purchase Allowances

Check the payment for the job, what you are required to buy and the reimbursement limit. You will be required to submit a receipt before you are paid, so think how you are going to make sure that you collect it and save it. Some assignments do not require you to make a purchase (e.g. a Health Insurance fund) but you are required to get a business card, quote or brochure instead, so know in advance what you have to get.

If you have any questions then raise a query in the Shopper Centre and you will get a prompt reply.

You Did It! What To Do Now

After you have completed the shop go to a quiet area (some place you can't be seen, like your car) and fill out empty report you have printed off. You will need it to refer to when you are putting in your report online. Make sure that you put your receipt in a safe place so that you can send it (to admin@GetPaidToShop) along with your reimbursement form.

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Other Topics In This Module

Other topics in this module include:

  • You Did It! What To Do After The Shop

  • Doing Reports Online

  • Adding Value To Reports

  • Queries About Reports

  • Reimbursement for Purchases

  • The Quality Assurance Process

  • Best Report Prizes

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