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Module 12

More Abut Adding Value To Your Reports

Adding value to all your reports will earn you Valued Shopper Points and increase your chances of getting more assignments. One of the areas you can really add value is when you are asked for a comment. Make your comments informative and show that you have thought about what you are writing. Don't just repeat what has already been said in the 'tick the box' questions.

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Writing Good Comments

Try to remain as objective as possible while still giving your impression of the customer service or merchandise. Do not criticise or judge the staff, just give an accurate account of what happened.

Your comments are in the client report, and clients read them with great interest. They can give a real insight to the customer service. So think about what you are saying and try to make it insightful.

Just saying 'OK' or 'Not bad' is not particularly helpful and may lose you points. Shoppers who write good comments get preference for future assignments.

Comments like 'The waiter dropped my sandwich on the floor, then just picked it up & put it back on my plate, and didn't even offer to make me a new one!' gives great information about something that would cause quite a problem with customers. Or 'The assistant went out of her way to be helpful, even holding my baby while I tried on the shirt.' gives information that could be used to reward a great employee.

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Identifying Employees

Often, the client wishes to know the particular employee who served you. If the employee wears a name badge, then note this down on the report. If the employee does not wear a name badge then you must provide a description.

Be very careful here. The description must be objective and NOT insulting.

  • Don't use words like fat, bald, short or spotty

  • Don't refer to ethnic groups by slang terms

  • Don't say things that could upset people ('he had a really big nose')

  • Don't say old or middle-aged, give an age range (30 - 40)

Do use factual descriptions such as male, 25-30, 1.8m tall, medium build, short black hair with blonde spikes, tattoo on right forearm, Canadian accent.

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You would be surprised how many bad descriptions of staff we get from shoppers. For example, 'Young, black hair, glasses, black suit' could possibly describe several staff members, either male or female. (shoppers often forget to put in the most obvious characteristics!)

Whereas 'Male, Asian background, 18-20, 1.8m, slim, blonde streaks in hair, white T-shirt with Nike swoosh, jeans, silver earring on left ear only' will probably make identification much easier. Remember you are to be observant and factual but must not offend or upset anyone: If in doubt leave it out!

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Other Topics In This Module

Other topics in this module include:

  • More About Identifying Employees

  • Return & Recommend

  • Done Well, Needs Improving

  • Standards For Comments

  • Referencing Previous Assignments

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