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Module 13

Ethics and Standards

Shadow Shoppers must always be aware of the importance of the job they perform and must do, and understand that it can impact others' careers and lives. Shadow Shoppers must uphold the highest standards and ethics at all times.

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Ethical Behaviour

Shadow shoppers perform all assignments with honesty and integrity. They perform their assignments to the highest standards, ensuring the truthfulness and accuracy of the information they supply.

Shadow shoppers, in agreeing to be bound by the terms of the GPTS Contractors Agreement, must observe the confidentiality of the information they are privy to.

They do not share this information or any information gained during the assignment with anyone other than Shadow Shopper employees.

Shadow shoppers remain anonymous. They never identify themselves as a shadow shopper, and never contact the client directly at any time.

Shadow Shoppers do not behave in any way that would lead others to believe or suspect that they are shadow shoppers on an assignment.

A Shadow Shopper behaves as a normal customer, and does not offend anyone or disrupt the business operation in any way.

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Act Like a 'Real' Shopper

If you are physically presented with the merchandise, don't refuse to hold it, touch it or try it on - whatever is appropriate to the shadow shop you are doing.

For example, if you were shopping for jewellery and the sales assistant handed you a watch, then the appropriate thing to do would be to hold it against your wrist.

Or if you were doing an assignment in a food shop and you were offered a free sample to taste then the appropriate thing would be to accept it with thanks. And be positive, not critical.

Show an interest in what you are shopping for, unless your script instructions specifically state something else. Act like a 'normal' shopper who is considering buying the merchandise and is genuinely interested in finding out about the product.

If your Shopper Instructions give specific questions for you to ask, or specific objections to make then make sure that you bring them into the conversation in a natural way. Think through beforehand how you are going to approach them.

Remember the responses to any queries for your report. If your Shopper Instructions say to ask a particular question it is because the client is interested in the answer.

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Other Topics In This Module

Other topics in this module include:

  • Professionals are Positive

  • Abnormal Circumstances

  • Something Unexpected Happened

  • Busy May Be 'Normal'

  • Shoppers Responsibilities

  • Don't Draw Attention To Yourself

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