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Get Paid To Shop Certification Course

Module 15

All About the Shadow Shopper Certification Test

Shadow Shopper requires all its contractors to be professional shoppers and to have passed the Certification Test. To be assigned Shadow Shopper jobs you must have an understanding of improving customer service through shadow shopping, and the responsibilities and techniques involved.

The Shadow Shopper Certification Test ensures that mystery shoppers have the skills and understanding they need to be able to shadow shop professionally

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What To Expect

The Certification Test is designed to be very practical, and to test your common sense as well as your knowledge and understanding.

The questions are designed to check that you have read and understood everything in the Certification Course. They are not designed to trick you, but they are designed to make sure that you have really understood the concepts. Each question has ONLY one correct answer. Please read ALL of the responses before you decide which one is correct. Don't just see one that looks correct and choose it. Read them all.

Sitting the Certification Test is absolutely free. It can be completed at any time when you are ready. You can retry if you don't pass the first time. It is on line, and all questions are either true / false or multiple choice.

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Pass Mark and Results

A score of 80% is needed to pass as we have to be sure that our shoppers really understand what is involved and the techniques they have to use. It's high, but if you have read and understood the Certification Course you should have no problems.


You will get your results right away, and if you pass the Shadow system will automatically register you as a shopper.

But there is one more step to do before you are eligible for assignments. You MUST fill out your Shopper Profile

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Your Shopper Profile

You need to fill out your shopper profile so that we can match you with assignments. This should take about 10 minutes.

You Shopper Profile can be updated by you at any time in the Shopper Centre. We know peoples' details change, that they move house, change email addresses and phone numbers, so make sure that you check your profile from time to time.

And please do not register twice. It does not increase your chances of assignments, but only leads to confusion. When we find duplicates they are deleted.

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More Information About The Certification Test

Both the Certification Course and the Certification Test are absolutely free,