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Module 2

Why Do Businesses Use Shadow Shoppers?

How a business treats their customers determines whether they will be successful or not. No-one goes back to a place where they have not been treated well. They vote with their feet, and don't return. They rarely complain to the business, but they tell their friends, who tell their friends, and the word soon gets around.

It's well known that word of mouth is the best advertising, so businesses that delight their customers so much that they recommend them to others have by far the most effective - and least expensive - advertising campaign.

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The Customer Experience

From Shadow Surveys we know there are lots of bad customer experiences . Despite the publicity about companies being 'customer focussed' and how they care about 'customer satisfaction', most people think customer service is getting worse. Research shows that it's the main reason customers don't go back to a business.

Retailers are finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain customers. Customer loyalty and customer retention is crucial to their success. The quality and the price of their merchandise is important, but it's not enough. Their people - the sales and management staff - make the difference. And this is where Shadow Shopper comes in.

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The Customer Experience

Shadow shopping is the ONLY way for business owners to find out how their customers are really treated when no-one is watching. Companies may have customer service standards or customer charters, but don't knowing if they meet it. Unless a company has a shadow shopping program they don't know what customers actually experience.

Shadow Shoppers evaluate whether customers are actually receiving the level of service that the client has set as a standard. For example:

  • Are customers greeted on entering the store?

  • Are staff wearing gloves when preparing food?

  • Are staff wearing a name badge?

  • Did the waiter suggest a drink with the meal?

  • How long did it take for the food to arrive?

  • Did they offer to order one in the right size?

  • Did they thank the customer for their custom?

  • Were the staff wearing uniforms?

Shadow Shoppers report on their customer experience, objectively (what actually happened) and subjectively (what they thought about what happened). Both aspects are important for a business to know.

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Other Topics In This Module

There's a lot more when you get inside. This module also covers:

  • The GPTS 'Valued Shopper Program'

  • Working as an independent contractor

  • Working for other mystery shopping companies

  • The Mystery Shopping Company Directory

  • What's involved In Shadow Shopper Certification

  • How assignments are allocated to shoppers

  • How you get assignments