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Module 3

Have I Got What It Takes To Be a Shadow Shopper?

There are some great shadow shoppers out there. Shoppers who observe accurately and write great reports. Shoppers who are reliable and easy to deal with. Shoppers who always do their assignments by the due date and get their reports in on time.

But, actually, there are fewer of them than you might imagine. They are prized by mystery shopping companies and get priority when it comes to allocating jobs.

So let's go through how you can get to be a great shadow shopper, one that's in demand and one who gets the jobs.

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Mystery Shopping Basics

Mystery shoppers go into businesses as 'normal' customers. They interact with employees, browse the merchandise and usually make a purchase.

As the business wants to know that their employees are keeping up their standards, they will have worked with a company like Shadow Shopper to create a scenario ('backstory') and questionnaire based on their standards that is designed to give them the information they need.

These scenarios vary from business to business. Some businesses are interested in the shoppers' opinion, other businesses just want factual information. Always check your Job Instructions carefully, and make sure you have read through all the questions you will have to answer so that you know what you are looking for.

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Scenarios and Instructions

Scenarios usually have the reason you are shopping:

  • 'I've just got engaged and I am looking for a wedding dress!'

  • 'I have to buy a birthday present for someone at work'

  • Enquiring about the service ('I'd like to lose 5 Kgs' or 'I'm thinking about getting my eyelashes dyed').

You may have a 'backstory' which you do not give unless you are asked:

  • "I'm not getting married until next year, and I'll have 3 bridesmaids who'll be needing dresses as well. And a flower girl. And a page boy."

  • "I want to build a retaining wall and I'm not sure how to go about it".

This tests the sales person's engagement with the customer and determining their needs.

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Other Topics In This Module

Other topics in this module include:

  • Handling Objections

  • Assignment Instructions

  • Adding Value To Your Report

  • What NOT To Do

  • Who Can Be a Shadow Shopper?

  • Demographics

  • Consumer Preferences

  • Demographics