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Module 4

Shadow Shopper Skills

Shadow Shoppers deliver a professional service that can affect many people. It's an important job, and they need skills and abilities to be able to do this well. This module will introduce you to the skills you need to understand questionnaires and question types.

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What Makes a Good Shadow Shopper?

Naturally, Shadow Shoppers must be able to remain incognito, and no-one must ever recognise them as a mystery shopper. But more of that later. The other important attributes of a mystery shopper are:

  • Being reliable.

  • Being able to follow directions.

  • Being observant.

  • Having a good memory.

Of course, the ability to use the Internet is absolutely necessary as all GPTS business is done online. Assignments are allocated and accepted on line, job details are provided and reports entered on line. All queries and communications between the shopper and GPTS are also online, and logged by the system so that we have a full record of all communications between us.


Reliable Shadow Shoppers are prized. This is a skill sets you apart from others. If you accept or reject assignments within the time given (before 9AM the next day, i.e. if you get an email & SMS on Tuesday then you need to accept by 9AM Wednesday), and if you always do the assignments within the time limit and get your reports in on time, then you are already a step ahead of many other shoppers.

If you can also be relied on to get accurate answers to the questions, not to miss out anything and to put in reports that are clear and well written then this will make you stand out from the crowd. You can be sure you will be in demand!

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Following Instructions

The questionnaire you are assigned will have been developed to get the information that the client wants to know. It will give a background scenario, probably a list of actions you are to perform (e.g. stand at the counter and wait to be acknowledged, or sit down and order a coffee and a slice of cake)

The Questionnaire will have different types of questions, some asking for facts and some asking for your opinion. There's more about the types of questions and how best to answer them later in the course.

A good shadow shopper follows the instructions exactly, and gets accurate answers to all the questions. Most GPTS questionnaires do not let you submit them until you have answered all questions so missing questions is not usually a problem. However giving one-word answers or inaccurate information is not acceptable as it means the job has to be done again by someone else, and it may result in us missing a deadline which we do not like to do. This will not improve your chances of getting any further assignments!

Other Topics In This Module

Other topics in this module include:

  • Objective Questions (Facts)

  • Subjective Questions (Opinions)

  • Observation

  • Good Memory

  • How To Be Unobtrusive