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Module 8

Getting Assignments : How It All Works

Getting your first shopping assignment is exciting. But what you do next, and how you perform it, determines whether you will get any more assignments. This module will go through the ways to maximise your chances of getting your first assignment, what to expect, and how to perform it so that you increase your chances of getting more assignments.

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Accepting an Assignment

Shadow Shopper will email you when you have an assignment. You will be emailed by 12 noon, and if you have not responded by 2PM then this will be followed up by an SMS to your mobile phone. The SMS is a notification only; you cannot reply to it.

The first thing you have to do is to login and review the assignment, and decide whether you are going to accept or decline the assignment. Review the dates and time the assignment can be performed and the location you are going to shop. (Remember to check this using Google Maps and Streetview, because we often have shoppers going to the right business but wrong location!)

Check any special instructions (often there is a link to more detailed instructions, often with photographs of what you have to look for) and what you have to buy.

If everything is OK, then click on 'Accept the Assignment', and the system shows us that the assignment has been accepted. You must accept before 9AM the next day otherwise the assignment will be allocated to another shopper. For example, if you are notified at 11AM on Tuesday, get an SMS at 2PM Tuesday then you must respond by 9AM Wednesday.

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Declining an Assignment

If you can't do the assignment for any reason - say you are going on holiday, or you have been ill, or your car is in for a service that day - then letting Shadow Shopper know right away is what is important.

Declining the assignment will not prejudice your chances of future assignments so long as you do it promptly. Simply click on "Decline this Assignment' and give us a short message so that we know why you don't want to do it. Then we will know not to reassign it to you.

Don't just ignore an assignment notification. If you just don't respond the system will assume that you don't want any more assignments and automatically put you on the 'Do Not Use' list.

When this happens you will receive an email to this effect, and lose a valued shopper point. If you wish to continue as a shadow shopper then reply to the email and let us know.

If you are going on holiday, or can't do assignments for a while just let us know by raising a problem in the GPTS Shopper Centre.

A Quick Response is What Matters

Promptly accepting or declining is what is important.

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Other Topics In This Module

Other topics in this module include:

  • How To Handle Your First Assignment

  • How To Be a Valued Shopper

  • What Emails NOT to Use!

  • How To Make a Great Application

  • All About SHOUTING

  • Being a Professional

  • How To Make a Great Application

  • What NOT To Do Next!

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