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Get Paid To Shop Certification Course

Module 9

Managing Your Assignments

Shadow Shopper assigns each assignment individually. We don't post on a Job Board for people to 'nab'. We know that some companies just post jobs on websites and have a 'first in best dressed' policy. We also know that this does not get good results for the clients, and it is not fair on our shoppers.

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Your Shopper Profile

Shadow Shopper assigns each job based on demographics - in other words, we match each shopper with an assignment based on their profile.

This is important to the clients because this way they get feedback from people who are just like their customers - in fact, they probably are their customers!

The shadow shopper will have the same profile as the customer of the business. The client (the business getting shopped) usually specifies the profile of the shadow shoppers.

For example:

  • A fast food store may want shoppers who normally eat out more than twice a week.

  • A toy store may want shadow shoppers to be aged over 25, with children.

  • A retail store may target people over 45 and want their shadow shoppers to reflect that.

  • A car yard may want to see how their sales people treat young women.

  • A house builder may want to target couples 30 - 40.

  • A surf shop whose customers were predominantly young may wish to have mystery shoppers under 35.

It all depends on the client. By having the shadow shopper the same profile as their customer they get real feedback from real customers.

mystery shopper couple

Communicating with Get Paid To Shop

Get Paid To Shop provides a secure Shopper Centre where shoppers can raise questions and problems. It is monitored constantly so you can be sure of getting a prompt response to any communications.

If you use another method of communication - for example, phoning Head Office - it may take some time for the right person to be identified and for the message to reach them, so you are less likely to get a timely response.

Using the online method has 2 great advantages: firstly, we know exactly what assignment your query relates to so you get your answer much quicker and the system automatically records all communications so you can view them at any time. Much better than emails disappearing into the ether!