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Examples of Get Paid To Shop Reports

Our shoppers do great reports that clients rely on to guide and shape their business. Every report is developed to meet the client's business and to make sure that they get the information they need.

All reports are carefully checked by our moderation team before being released to the client. We make sure that they are 'onternally consistent' and that they meet our standards of English, with capitals, puncutuation, no 'SMS' abbreviations!

Here are examples of reports done by our shoppers. Click on the report name below to view the report.

We have removed any identifying details, so they may look a bit odd in places.

This is the format in which the clients see them - not the way shoppers fill them in online. GPTS shoppers fill in easy online reports, mostly 'tick the box', 1 - 10 scales and text answers.

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GPTS Will Always Pay You - Guaranteed!

We would like to assure GPTS shoppers that if we ask you to do an assignment then you will get paid whether or not we get paid by the client. (It happens!)

Our shoppers get paid at the end of the month in which they did the assignment, although we frequently do not get paid for several months after the shops have taken place. But we don't think that it would be right for our shoppers to wait as long as we have to! So we pay them, without fail, at the end of the month in which they did the assignment.

The GPTS Guarantee To Our Shadow Shoppers

At GPTS we're proud of the way we treat our shoppers.

If we ask you to do an assignment (and you do it!)
you will get paid.

GPTS has NEVER missed paying our shoppers
since we started in 2004.